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for our best friends .... because they deserve it!

bow wow bake baketique is devoted to my best friend of over sixteen years, Belle. She was with me through thick and thin and taught me so many important life lessons. I always say that everything I've learned about life, I've learned from my dog. In our home, Belle was in charge and we did our best to keep her comfortable, happy, and healthy. Today, we bake for our newest addition, Nala. She loves the special and healthy treats made just for her and we would love to share that with you and your pets. (Nala is not as excited about sharing, but we are working on that....:). You will not find bright, fluorescent colored treats here - that is - unless the effect can be created naturally using ingredients like spinach powder or turmeric. A lot of research and testing goes into creating healthy, good tasting treats. All the items are approved and licensed before made available for sale. We will expand our product line as more items are created, approved, and tested by our executive taste testers. Thank you so much for visiting our site. I hope we will have the opportunity to provide fresh-baked, all natural, healthy, bakery style treats to your pet.